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GeoBee is copyrighted by the National Geographic Society

Every year six million middle school students compete at the local level of the National Geographic Society's National Geography Bee for the privilege of going on to the state contests. In May state winners play against each other in nationally televised finals hosted by Jeopardy's Alex Trebek.

At the National Geographic's request, Digital Alchemy transformed the National Geography Bee into a computer quiz game called GeoBee. Schools can use GeoBee to coach contestants for the real event or kids can play against each other at home.

  Players aged ten years and older can play alone or against up to three other players.

GeoBee 1.0, a floppy version of the game, became available for Macintosh and Windows in fall 1995, and introduced Buzzbee, an animated hip, young bee as host.

Questions from the actual National Geography Bee appear and players click on a multiple choice answer. Buzzbee coaches, commiserates and roots players on as they play their way through three levels.
Buzzbee celebrates correct answers.... ...and sympathizes when players goof!

Winning players can print out a personalized GeoBee Certificate and the top ten scoring players are inducted in the GeoBee Hall of Fame.

The success of GeoBee 1.0 prompted an encore--GeoBee 2.0 on CD-ROM. The larger media capacity of CD-ROM allows version 2.0 to plumb the vast resources of the National Geographic for pictures, maps, and sound clues to accompany the game questions.

 GeoBee 2.0

New game show set for the GeoBee CD-ROM

In GeoBee 2.0 Buzzbee hosts a much higher energy game show and has expanded his repertoire of 'toon magic by morphing into a half dozen historical characters to reward players when they answer correctly.

GeoBee 2.0 CD-ROM will be available to schools and on store shelves in Spring 1997.




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